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Delta Pest Control - Servicing Since 2015

Delta Pest Services has been helping the residents and businesses of Baton Rouge since 2015. Our trained and knowledgeable technicians know the exact science of pest control and property protection, both inside and outside of your home.

Top-Rated Pest Control in Baton Rouge

Whether it’s our customers saying we’re the best or the A+ rating we constantly receive, we’re proud to be Baton Rouge’s number one choice for pest control. Since most of our business comes from referrals, we always commit to providing high standards of service and ask our customers to recommend us to others.

Sometimes we even feel our bug control service works too well. We’ve had customers cancel the service because “we haven’t seen any bugs but will contact you again if we do.” We just had a previous customer contact us after several months to reinstate their home protection, and we were glad to help them once again.

Our track record speaks for itself but our customers speak for our excellence as well. With Delta Pest Services, you’ll know we’re doing something right when all the pests in your home or business disappear.

Excellent Customer Service

We’re not just great at removing pests from your property. We take every part of our service seriously and ensure you have a great experience from start to finish. From answering your calls the first time around to showing up on time for scheduled appointments, Delta Pest Services always puts you first.

Starting with an inspection, we identify the source of your pest problem and create a plan that will eliminate any pests on your property. From there, we carry out the plan and work on future management so you never have to face an infestation again. At Delta Pest Services, we recommend a quarterly service, as we keep pests at bay with routine protection. Unlike other Baton Rouge companies, our coverage extends not only throughout your entire home but also to your garage and crawlspaces. We also manage your pest problem throughout the year so you don’t have to worry about those unwanted guests returning.

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Effective Bug Control and Treatments for All Pests

Delta Pest Services has the knowledge and training for 100 percent proven results. We know the habits of all types of pests, and we know the types of environments that they live in. With this advantage, we can provide better results every time.

We are one of the 23 pest control companies in the state of Louisiana that is certified to install  Sentricon® system with Always Active™ technology. Sentricon is the #1 termite control system in the country as it eliminates the colony, keeping the termites gone for good, and it is EPA-approved and awarded.

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If you’re still looking for an exterminator company, consider Delta Pest Services. As a local company, we are ready and, in the area, so we can help you quickly when you need it most. Let us help you feel comfortable in your home or business again.

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