No hassle, No obligation

We can fix our commitment as per you requirement.

No Hassle. No Obligation. No extra Cost.

Delta provides pest control services & is the name you can trust

The Delta Pests Promise

We have made a commitment to our customers to provide high standards of service and treatment. These are not bland platitudes, but specific standards that help our customers experience superior results, and to appreciate the way they are treated.

We want to be the kind of company people just simply want to do business with. We believe that its not because of a signed contract, but because of results, and how people are treated. We think youll love doing business with us!

We answer the phone when you call

Its that simple. If you call during business hours, we promise to answer the phone. We believe that our customers dont like getting the run-around. Thats why we hold high our commitment to answering the phone; when you need us well be there.

We return every message we receive

If you call after hours or on the weekends and leave a message, we return your message every single time the morning of the next business day.

There are no surprise visits

With Delta Pests, you wont get a surprise bill in your door. We always call at least one day before to schedule. Neither do we secretly add on services that you didnt order, or change the prices without your consent. With us, what you see is what you get. We only provide those services discussed and nothing more, and let you know when well do it!

Were clean & tidy

Your technician will be clean and presentable; hell respect your home and property, wear shoe covers inside, and tidy up when finished.