Lawn Pest Control Near Baton Rouge

We provide a lawn care plan to keep your yard looking green and healthy.


Your lawn is the perfect living space for many pests and bugs. At Delta Pest Services, we protect your lawn from all types of pests including ants, roaches, and rodents with lawn pest control services.

Digging Deep to Get to the Root of the Problem

We start your lawn care by inspecting your yard for any signs of pests. We’ll identify current problems and potential problems to start building you a comprehensive solution. From the proper perimeter width around the base of your house to the type of soil you have, we’ll ensure you are protected from pests with a complete lawn pest control plan.

After our consultation, we’ll get right to work on protecting your yard and removing any pests we found during our initial inspection. Whether you have a fire ant infestation or a lot of weeds in your yard, our professionals begin taking care of the problem without delay. We don’t just treat the surface of your lawn either. At Delta Pest Services, we treat the heart of the problem by finding nests and removing them completely so it won’t be a reoccurring issue. With Delta Pest Services as your pest control company, you can safely walk in your own yard without fear.

Continued Lawn Care Control and Treatment

Pests may be stubborn, but Delta Pest Services is even more stubborn. With continued lawn care treatment options, we won’t let any of your pests return to dampen your spirits. We’ll set up a schedule with you to service your lawn every few months to keep the pests out and ensure the best protection.

Call Delta Pest Services today and experience a pest-free yard.