Pest Control Services in Baton Rouge

Delta Pest Services deal with any kind of pest problems with in your area.


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We’ve been serving the residents of Baton Rouge for 20 years and helping them get rid of all types of pests. From roaches to rodents, we offer a full range of pest control services to families and businesses in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. When you need help with bugs, animals, or pests of any nature, call Delta Pest Services today for fast and effective pest removals and treatments.

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Pest Control

Pest Control

Our Pest Control service combines years of local knowledge, new technologies & expertly trained technicians.


Termite Control

Termites cause $1.5 billion in damages a year. Say goodbye to termites and hello to savings with our top-notch termite service.


Mosquito Suppression 

We provide a 5-star mosquito control service. We keep the mosquitos away without all the hassle all while saving you money.

Bed Bug

Bed Bug Management

Don’t let the bed bugs bite! Bed bugs multiply fast, so don’t get caught unaware. Let our skilled technicians provide you with most effective bed bug treatment.

Lawn care spraying

Lawn Care Spraying

We protect your lawn from all types of pests including ants, roaches, and rodents. We’ll identify current and potential problems, then build you a comprehensive solution.



We provide the 5 star Rodent control servic. you stay safe from pest without hassle. And saves your money with us.

Wildlife Control

Wildlife Pest Control

With our wildlife control service, you don’t have to fear going into your home or business. We remove any pest with ease so you can get on with your day.

Other Services

Other Services

We provide services for all types of pests in your home or yard. We customize your service to protect your home or business so you never have to deal with pests again.