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Why Do I Have More Bugs in My House After it Rains?

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Bugs are never welcomed guests in your house. You find them crawling on your ceilings, walls, and sometimes even on your arms or legs. It’s enough to make anyone call an exterminator right away. While you’ll find bugs in your home throughout the whole year, you may have noticed you find more bugs in your home after it rains. At Delta Pest, we hear this remark a lot because it’s true. It's very common to see more bugs around the home after heavy rain as insects want shelter from the rain, just like we do. While staying out of the rain is a big reason for bugs inside, different kinds of insects may enter your home after a rainstorm for various reasons.

Here are some common bugs you’ll see in your home more often after it rains:

Cockroaches – the Bane of the South

Cockroaches worm their way into your home after a rainstorm to stay dry. Since they mostly live in drains, sewers, and pipes, when it rains, those pipes and drains flood, making it an unsafe place to stay. They’ll crawl out of your drains or through cracks in your home and camp out to survive until the rain subsides. You can usually find them anywhere pipes are found including bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

Sowbugs – Harmless but Annoying

Sowbugs, also known as, pillbugs, roly-polys, potato bugs, and woodlice may show up in your home after it rains. While these creatures are harmless, they are still a nuisance to homeowners everywhere. Sowbugs actually need moisture to survive and will generally live in damp soil, however, when too much rain threatens their lives then they’ll seek shelter in your home. Thanks to the increased moisture in the air after rain, sowbugs can survive indoors. You’ll often find them near windows and doors leading to the outside.

Ants – Soldiers Focused on Food                                                                                   

Living in mounds throughout your yard, ants are at high risk for flooding. When rain pelts down relentlessly, ants will seek out the closest dry land, which usually ends up being your home. Since food is usually their top priority, you’ll most likely find ants in your kitchen after a storm.

Spiders – Helpful When it Comes to Bug Control

Spiders love warm weather, and when a rainstorm hits, temperatures usually drop. Spiders will seek warmer places to wait out the rain, like your house. In addition to wanting to stay warm and dry, spiders will also wander into homes after a rainstorm to find prey. With the increase in bugs in your home due to the weather, spiders will roam about looking for other bugs to eat.

Centipedes – Nature’s Pest Control

Centipedes scare many people on a regular basis because of their particularly creepy appearance. These many-legged creatures need moisture to survive and actually like the rain in moderate amounts. You’ll find centipedes in your home after a rain, however, because they are searching for other bugs to eat that have also invaded your home. They can be found anywhere other bugs are lurking or in areas that generally have high moisture such as the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or attic.

How To Get Rid Of Bugs After Rain

When it comes to rain, bugs like staying warm and dry just as much as we do. Keeping bugs out of your home even when it rains is as easy as calling Delta Pest Services. With our effective pest control methods at your service, we help you keep the bugs away no matter what the weather. DIY methods may be ineffective and not eliminate all the bugs in your home after heavy rainfall. Instead of letting bugs take over your home, call Delta Pest Services today to prevent bugs from wandering into your home, rain, or shine.

Get Rid of Bugs Once and for All

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