Spotting Ants During the Winter Could Indicate a Bigger Problem


You spent hours preparing your home for the winter holidays and making sure your place was accommodating to your guests. But now that your invited guests have left, you may be noticing that some unwanted visitors have stuck around: ants. The marching of these little black dots across your kitchen is definitely not an appetizing site to see, and it might come as a bit of a surprise to you that ants are not just a summer problem.

Contrary to popular belief, ants are a problem year-round. However, the sight of ants during the winter could mean that there are bigger issues at hand. If you do find that ants have invaded your home during the cold months or at any time of the year, be sure to call Delta Pest Services right away.


Why Ants During the Winter Are a Big ProblemAn ant that you need to watch out for in winter

Ants, like other insects, are cold-blooded. This means that the cold weather makes an ant’s body temperature drop dramatically and decreases their activity levels. That is why you may notice livelier ant activity during the warmer seasons than in the winter. However, if an ant colony is established within the warmed walls or floors of your home, they may not be as dormant as the outdoor colonies.

The majority of ants bundle up with their queen to keep her warm and safe during the winter. So, if you spot even just a few ants venturing in your home during the winter, there is a big chance that there is already an ant colony established inside.


Kitchen sink that ants like during winterWinter Ants Are a Strong Indication That It’s Time to Take Action

Cleaning up your food messes and properly sealing food containers may reduce the risk of ants taking over your fridge and pantry, but that does not necessarily mean that the ant problem will simply go away. As you crank up the heater, the humidity levels decrease, making the ants more likely to come out of their hiding place to find sources of moisture such as sinks, tubs, or the washer machine. Even in this instance, keeping the heater off will not solve your ant problem and will make you miserably cold.

If a colony has already been established in your home or somewhere close by, then hundreds are living somewhere that is hidden and will do anything to survive. Even if you spray down the working ants that you find marching around your home, there could still be hundreds of more ants living within your walls or under floors that are still repopulating and caring for the queen.


Pest control men pointing out ants in winterIf You See Ants in Your Home During the Winter, It’s Best to Call Delta Pest Right Away

Delta Pests offers free inspections and estimates for ant infestations, so there is no risk in getting the problem checked out by a professional. Our exterminators identify the type of ant that is invading your home to help find the source of the infestation, the severity of the invasion, and create an effective plan to remove the ants from your home and keep them out.

If the problem is left alone, the population will only grow, causing more structural damage to your home and even multiple colonies forming within your home. Don’t delay, call Delta Pest Services today!