Mosquito Control Near Baton Rouge

Immediate Mosquito Control Today


As a Baton Rouge company, we are well-versed in the problems that Louisiana residents face when it comes to mosquitos. We help you control the mosquito population around your home or business with effective solutions.

We Identify the Mosquito Hotspots to Help Control the Population

Mosquitos are a year-long problem in Baton Rouge. These ever-present pests are trouble for many residents and can cause serious health concerns. From irritating bumps to West Nile Virus, mosquitos carry diseases and are annoying to deal with on a daily basis.

Don’t wait another minute. Call us so we can help you control the population in your area. As mosquitos reproduce rapidly in ideal conditions, we start by identifying where they are hiding out. These mosquito hotspots are ideal places for mosquitos and are usually in damp areas near water. We target these hotspots and treat the areas before they use you as their next meal.

Immediate Mosquito Control for Commercial and Residential Properties

When you see a large population of mosquitos around your property, call Delta Pest Services as soon as possible. We treat commercial and residential buildings for mosquito infestations and also treat your lawn. We help you and the city of Baton Rouge cut down on the number of mosquitos in the area.

Avoid being the mosquitos’ next meal by calling Delta Pest Services today and asking for mosquiti control today. We offer a free consultation and inspection, so you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Call 225-230-6600.