Bed Bug Treatment in Baton Rouge

Bed bugs try to hide but they can’t hide from Delta Pest Services


These small, reddish-brown bugs are no laughing matter. Bed bugs are hard to spot and live in your mattress waiting to bite you and your family while you sleep. With powerful and effective solutions, Delta Pest Services solves your bed bug problem and prevents them from ever returning.

Identifying the Infestation and Enacting a Bed Bug Treatment Plan

Some people aren’t affected by bed bugs while others suffer red, itchy bumps where they bite. If you’re suffering bites or find small, rust-colored spots in your bed, you most likely have bed bugs as those spots are bed bug droppings. Our professionally trained technicians inspect your home using suitable equipment and discover the location and level of infestation in your home with precision. From there, we build you an effective and consistent bed bug treatment plan.

As bed bugs can live up to one year without feeding, we continue to monitor your home after treatment to ensure complete elimination for your peace of mind. When you have Delta Pest Services on your side, you don’t have to worry about bed bugs resurfacing in your home.

Don’t Wait to Treat Bed Bugs, Call Delta Pest Services in Baton Rouge Immediately

The longer you wait to treat bed bugs, the more danger you put yourself and others in. Bed bugs multiply quickly and will continue to feed on you nightly. The more bugs you have, the more you will be bitten. In addition to getting bitten more, you also risk spreading bed bugs to your family and friends the longer you wait. Bed bugs can easily travel on your clothes without you even knowing it and jump onto others you come into contact with daily.

Free Bed Bug Infestation Inspection in Baton Rouge

Delta Pest Services offers free consultations and inspections for bed bugs to the residents of Baton Rouge. Together, we’ll stop a bed bug infestation from spreading throughout the whole Baton Rouge area.


Call Delta Pest Services for your bed bug treatment today today at 225-230-6600.