Best Pest Control Company in Baton Rouge

Up-to-date Knowledge and the Latest Technology 


At Delta Pest Services, our training and experience keep us on top of pests, rodents, and wildlife. With the experience of operating a pest control company since 2011, we know each and every kind of pest in South Louisiana. Our staff is trained in individual pest and animal habits and knows about their environment. We know where to look and what to do to get rid of your pest problem. As pests evolve and find new ways to enter our homes or build up different resistance, we keep one step ahead. We stay on top of the new techniques and work diligently for our customers to ensure pests never win when it comes to keeping their home safe and pest-free.

The Pest Control Company with the Latest Technology

All of our managers, technicians, customer care representatives, and specialists are equipped with the best technology for their jobs. Whether it’s iPads for customer management and day-to-day business or the best in capture technology and repelling products, we equip our staff with the best so you get the best results.

Our technicians are able to manage your problems more effectively because they can instantly pull up your account, perform paperwork, and even take payments all from their iPads. We make it as convenient for our customers as possible. The latest technology allows us to perform our jobs effectively and efficiently.

We are Committed to Your Health and Use Safe Products for You but Not for Pests

We take your safety seriously. We use the best products and ensure that they are safe for you and your pets while also remaining effective at ridding your home of bugs, rodents, or wildlife. We heavily research all of the products and techniques and test them to ensure no danger is present to you or your household. When we can, we use non-chemical solutions. At the same time, we know that pests pose a health and safety risk to our customers and do what it takes to manage those pests responsibly.

Call Delta Pest Services today and experience the difference when we are the ones keeping the pests away from your property.