No Hassle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control 

No Hassle, No Obligation Means You Get Results


We are committed to our customers and provide a high standard of service to each and every one of them. We want our customers to want to do business with us, so we consistently provide excellent care and service in wildlife removal and pest control to ensure they are always happy with their results.

Our customers call us back because we provide reliable and thorough service. They recommend us to their friends and family because they know we will treat them with the same care and attention. At Delta Pest Services, we know you’ll love doing business with us because we put you first.

You Can Count on Delta Pest Services to Answer the Phone 

Delta Pest Services doesn’t ignore your phone calls. We make it a point to answer our phones so we can help you when you need it most. If you leave us a message over the weekend or while we are with another customer, we call back as soon as possible. We commit to answering the phone and being there when you need us for wildlife removal or pest control. 

On-Time Appointments Every Time 

We also know you have a busy day. We use the latest technology to keep up with our scheduled appointments. You always know when we’re coming and can rely on accurate appointment times. We show up and perform your scheduled services on time and never add additional services unless we consult with you first.

With Delta Pest Services, you know exactly what you’re getting each and every time; effective and reliable wildlife removal and pest control service you can count on with no exceptions. Call Delta Pest Services today at 225-230-6600.